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Psychology Curriculum

The point of learning psychology is to understand the self (and therefore understand others). The mind is a vast continent that many people leave unexplored. They fail to realize that this inner continent, once explored, reveals enormous resources and opportunities for better living.

Ultimately, happiness is our highest moral purpose; Ayn Rand had it right. And we can best secure this purpose by achieving authentic self-esteem, by acquiring a set of psychological principles that can guide us and aid in dealing appropriately with our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors—and our relationships (not only with others, but also with reality itself).

Psychology, like philosophy, also deals with examination of human nature. However, in addition to inspecting conscious beliefs and convictions, it also deals with subconscious processes and resultant behaviors.

Morality is perhaps the branch of philosophy in which psychology is most involved, but in general a thorough study of psychology includes (but is not limited to) the subjects found below. A short description is provided with each.

Click here for a short description of all the Psychology Topics.

Naturally, this list (like the philosophy list) is presented in an abbreviated format. It is designed to give an idea of the types of issues that will be covered. They probably will not be covered in the same order, and they will not likely be given equal time in discussion or debate.

As mentioned, learning subjects such as philosophy and psychology is best done in an interactive way. Any set structure is likely to dissolve when the needs of learners are properly attended to. Thus, to the extent that students and teacher deem it necessary to explore various areas, such areas will be explored. No curious stones will be left unturned.

The knowledge acquired and the possibilities for self-exploration and self-understanding provided in this program are ideal for those who desire to actualize their full potential—to get the most out of this precious thing called life.

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