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Adolescents have a definite need for the mental tools, the ideas and skills, by which to tackle many of the problems (both personal and societal) that most adults seem to take for granted. Many adults even deem such problems irresolvable.

In virtually all junior and senior high schools, for example, little help is offered in regard to achieving genuine self-esteem, happiness, fulfilling relationships, coherent philosophical knowledge, and the ability to sort through a mass of conflicting ideas, beliefs, theories, etc., which are rampant in our culture. Consequently, many depart school feeling that something vitally important is missing from their education.

In order for a philosophical and psychological course to be beneficial, it must have a sound purpose and method. Most of the questions about the course are answered on the Course Overview and Plan Page.

Also, please check out the brief notes on all sorts of ideas in the philosophy and psychology pages:

Philosophy curriculum

philosophy topics

Psychology curriculum

psychology topics

If you have any additional questions or comments about any aspect of the course, the please drop me a line at info@logicallearning.net. I enjoy meeting people excited about the learning process—and about life in general.