Books by AR and NB

Ayn Rand
th Century Novelist/Philosopher

Atlas Shrugged (novel)

The Fountainhead (novel)

Anthem (novelette)

We the Living (novel)

Night of January 16th (play)

The Early Ayn Rand (assorted fiction writings)

The Romantic Manifesto (collection of essays on esthetics)

The Virtue of Selfishness (collection of essays on ethics and society)

Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal (collection of essays on politics and economics)

Philosophy: Who Needs It (collection of essays on philosophy)

For the New Intellectual (introductory essay and philosophical excerpts from fiction novels)

Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology (treatise on epistemology)

Return of the Primitive (previously titled The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution) (collection of essays on various social issues)

The Ayn Rand Column (collection of newspaper essays)

The Voice of Reason (collection of essays on various social issues)

The Ayn Rand Lexicon (an encyclopedic dictionary of terms from the perspective of Objectivism)

Nathaniel Branden

Self-Esteem at Work (treatise that contains psychotherapeutic exercises)

A Woman’s Self-Esteem (treatise that contains psychotherapeutic exercises)

Self-Esteem Every Day (collection of thoughts on self-esteem)

The Art of Living Consciously (treatise that contains psychotherapeutic exercises)

Taking Responsibility (treatise that contains psychotherapeutic exercises)

The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem (treatise that contains psychotherapeutic exercises)

The Art of Self-Discovery (psychotherapeutic workbook)

The Power of Self-Esteem (shorter book on the topic)

My Years with Ayn Rand (revised edition of Judgment Day)

How to Raise Your Self-Esteem (psychotherapeutic workbook)

Honoring the Self (treatise)

If You Could Hear What I Cannot Say (psychotherapeutic workbook for relationships)

What Love Asks of Us (with Devers Branden) (question and answer book)

The Psychology of Romantic Love (treatise)

The Disowned Self (treatise)

Breaking Free (compilation of vignettes from therapy)

The Psychology of Self-Esteem (seminal work on the subject)

Who is Ayn Rand (deals primarily with Rand’s novel moral code)